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Event Notice Free concerts this week in Frank Kitts Park

One of Europe's biggest bands! Fresh from the Rotorua International Tattoo, the full band of 56 will perform a mix of marching on the waterfront and entertaining stage performance for their free Festival shows. 



The Band of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is one of six military bands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Band is stationed at the King William III Barracks in Apeldoorn where the Marechaussee Training and Knowledge Centre is situated.

The band is able to provide a full strength concert and marching band of 54 musicians. Furthermore they can break down in smaller ensembles as the big band, brass quintet or quartets, as well as a saxophone quartet.

Due to the band's unique setting of brass instruments, saxophones and extended percussion and the fact that fifteen flugelhorns are responsible for the "soft" brass sound, the Band of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has a unique solid sound.

The Band members are all (semi) professional musicians, either with a fixed short term contract or as reservists. Most of them have a degree in music. Regular police officers can and do join the band for as long as their regular police duties do not interfere with the bands schedule. All bands members have military status and ranks according to their position within the band.

Like all military bands the Band of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is representing the Royal Marechaussee at State occasions and takes care of ceremonial duties for the Armed Forces such as: Medal and Graduation Parades. The past ten years, the band has traveled to Sweden, UK, France, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Italia, Australia and Canada..

The "Royal Netherlands Marechaussee" is the official name of the Dutch military police. However: Policing the Netherlands Armed Forces is a small part of their daily duties.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee are also responsible for immigration, securing and guarding the National Mint, the Corps diplomatique, the members of the Royal Family and Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the Royal Marechaussee is part of a rapid response and riot control unit. Other units are involved in drug and fire arms enforcement. The local police in Afghanistan and Iraq are trained by them. The passport or travel documents centre is well-known all over the world.

Due to the fact that the Royal Marechaussee is policing the armed forces the Minister of Defence decided to grant the Marechaussee to be the fourth Service next to the Navy, Army and Air Force to secure their independence.

The band's military commandant is Captain Coos Peters, chief conductor Captain Erik Janssen and Drum Major Warrant Officer I Marc Gouswaart.


Event Dates

  • 28 Feb  5:45pm (Thu)
  • 29 Feb  5:45pm (Fri)
  • 1 Mar  11:00am (Sat)


(excl. service fees)
  • FREE


1 hr 15 mins

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